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Live-action Fairy Tail Stage Play is Soon Coming!

Fairy Tail, Hiro Mashima’s beloved fantasy manga, is getting the live-action stage play treatment, also known as the 2.5D play. As Japanese 2.5D plays would often feature its actors in costumes which are very similar to the original source materials, it would often get fans hyped up for the play, and Fairy Tail is certainly no different, as they reveal actor Shuuto Miyazaki in costume as Fairy Tail’s resident dragon slayer, Natsu Dragneel.

Live-action Fairy Tail Stage Play is Soon Coming!
The real-life Natsu is sporting fire magic and a six-pack. Despite its somewhat wimpy-sounding name, long-running manga and anime Fairy Tail doesn’t have anything to do with glass slippers or cohabiting, single-trait dwarves. No, original creator Hiro Mashima’s hit distinguishes itself not only with subtly different spelling from the class of quaint children’s stories, but also by taking place in a world where combat mages are far more common than handsome princes with magical lips.
Fairy Tail will be celebrating its 10th birthday this year, and is also being adapted into a stage play set to open at Tokyo’s Sunshine Theatre during the Golden Week spring vacation period. Playing the role of pyromantic protagonist Natsu Dragneel is actor Shuto Miyazaki.

Live-action Fairy Tail Stage Play is Soon Coming!
The play is in good hands, as director Akiko Kodama has a lot of experience in directing Shounen Manga-turned Stage Plays, as he previously directed the Live Spectacle Naruto stage play, which also visited Singapore and Malaysia last year. The play will run from April 30 until May 9 at the Sunshine Theater in Ikebukuro.

Live-action Fairy Tail Stage Play is Soon Coming!
Fans of the original work, however, might be concerned to learn that Miyazaki isn’t ordinarily the athletic type. As a matter of fact, prior to be being picked as the leading man for Live Fantasy–Fairy Tail (as the stage play is being called), the 25-year-old Miyazaki says he never made a regular habit of going to the gym. That’s a bit troubling, since while Natsu isn’t as muscle-bound as some anime heroes, he’s certainly got a toned physique, and his penchant for open-shirt outfits means that Miyazaki won’t have the option of hiding any physical discrepancies behind a layer of fabric.

Live-action Fairy Tail Stage Play is Soon Coming!
The website, which revealed Shuuto Miyazaki as Natsu, also revealed which actors are playing which Fairy Tail characters. Here they are:
Atsushi Shiramata as Gray Fullbuster
Naoya Gomoto as Brain
Yamato Furuya as Midnight
Ikkei Yamamoto as Cobra
Kento Ono as Hibiki Lates
Ren Ozawa as Lyon Vastia
Hirofumi Araki as Jellal Fernandes
Based on the characters revealed, it seems that they are going with the Oracion Seis arc from the anime/ manga, however, as the play’s official story has not been revealed yet, we still don’t know if it really is the Oracion Seis arc or a brand new original story.
Also set to appear in the play are Fairy Tail characters Gray Fullbuster, Brain, Midnight, Cobra, Hibiki Lates, Lyon Vastia, and Jellal Fernandez. Photos of their flesh-and-blood versions have yet to be revealed, but if they’re anywhere near the level of accuracy that Miyazaki has achieved, the production should be a sight to see.