League of Legends LOL Xayah Cosplay Wig Review from Our partner for RoleCospaly

Do you know the game LOL? Or have you played the game?

League of Legends (abbreviated LoL) is a multiplayer online battle arena video game developed and published by Riot Games for Microsoft Windows and macOS.

In the game, there is only a pair of lovers, Rakan and Xayah.


We wanna to test the Xayah wig and invited our partner to wear and test it.

Let’s listen our partner @tastina to say about the wig.

At first, wig introduction!!

Shop: RoleCosplay (rolecosplay.com)
Wig: Xayah (LoL)
Prize: $18.98 (€15.72) + Shipping (depends on the wig and country)
Delivery time: sth around 2 weeks
Length: 70cm/27.55inches
Color: wine red
Material: Synthetic High Temp Fiber

Includes: 2 ears (+wigcap)

Then about the wig, I wanna  to say:

The wig has a great colour, it looks like on their website. It’s a soft wig, not heavy. I really love the colour (it’s my fav colour btw.). Two ears were included aswell, you can attach them so easily and they fit very well.

But I really like the wig, it just looks beautiful. The wig is also very smooth, just an awesome feeling. A wig cap was included.

The delivery was very fast! Rolecosplay is a very friendly seller, if you need help, just write them (Facebook).
I really like that Rolecosplay does a “hot sale”. The prices are cheap, the quality is great. There are two kind of shippings, economic (which is cheaper but longs laster) and an express one (which is expensive but it arrives very very fast!). You can track your package by a tracking service system. All in all, a big THANK YOU Rolecosplay you gave me the perfect xayah wig!

About the pictures, pls clik the link to see: https://adelinamezker.wixsite.com/tastina/xayahwig

Finally, thanks for your reading. ✪ε✪