Kotori and Rin’s voice actresses rock out as their anime counterparts during Love Live!’s 5th concert

During the μ’s Go->Go! Love Live! 2015 Dream Sensation! concert, also known as the 5th Love Live! Anniversary concert last January 31 and February 1, fans were treated to plenty of μ’s song which were performed by the μ’s voice actresses themselves.



It seems that the people who enjoyed themselves the most were the μ’s members themselves, as they had fun not only on stage, but backstage as well. Voice actress and real-life idol, Riho Iida, is certainly no stranger to acting exactly like her character, Rin, as she has been known to copy her famous “cat smile”. And during the 5th Anniversary Concert, she showed everybody her Rin dress which the catty tomboy wore during her focus episode.

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Iida also posted a group selfie photo from backstage with Suzuko Mimori, who voices Umi Sonoda, and Aina Kasuda, who voices Nozomi Tojo.


And speaking of selfies, looks like Kotori Minami’s voice actress, Aya Uchida, sort of went crazy backstage with all of her characters costumes.She posted them all on her official twitter page and it is safe to say that the fans loved them!

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