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Inuyasha Characters Cosplay—–A Love Triangle

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If you are familiar with the Japanese anime Inuyasha, you must be impressed by its love triangle. To be honest, it’s one of the most complex love triangle I have saw. The female protagonist, Kagome, is the reincarnation of the miko,Kikyo, who once fell in love with Inuyasha.

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However, after Kagome go back 500 years ago and began to like Inuyasha, Kikyo revived without her own soul.Then a tangle love triangle story start. Although most time was Inuyasha living with Kagome, he would go for Kikyo as long as the appearance of Kikyo. After all, Inuyasha hadn’t made any decision between Kagome and Kikyo until the second death of Kikyo. I always be curious about the favorite of Inuyasha. If Kikyo was still alive, who would Inuyasha choose? Anyway, in the end of this anime, Inuyasha was in the relationship with Kagome.

I found some Inuyasha cosplay pictures that reflect this complex love story among they three. If you are interested in this story, you must be impressed by those pictures. It will be helpful too, if you want to know how to make Inuyasha cosplay.


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I hope that you like those pictures. You can try to cosplay the three characters with beautiful Inuyasha costumes and great Inuyasha cosplay accessories.

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