Inuyasha – A Great Anime That Everyone Worth Watching

Inuyasha” is an anime we were 95 % sure it wouldn’t work, but it did. This is a rather complex series. It has love, sex, action, horror, drama. It has a good plot and believable characters. The emotions are nicely portrayed, even when it’s silly Japanese sex humor. This is one of the rare stories where evil really corrupts and is cunning and elusive rather than just big strong dumb creatures.Even if it has some characteristics of soap opera, it goes well beyond that, as the animation and the plot go very well together. I am hooked already and I am barely in the middle of the second season. In a week or so I will probably cry in anger for the lack of more episodes, but hey, that’s life.


Inuyasha - A Great Anime That Everyone Worth Watching
With it’s virtuous mix of romance, comedy, action, adventure, fantasy and horror (causing some of its episodes to be censored in some countries) Inuyasha is simply a great show that sucked me in. Although it’s too long (the only major flaw, since the 160 episodes watered down the story) and has some weak episodes, “Inuyasha” is nothing short of brilliant, and it seems it’s characters will never become boring: from Miroku, who is always touching woman’s butts and asking them if they will have a baby with him up to Kagome who is trying to maintain her good grades in school while fighting in medieval Japan.

Inuyasha - A Great Anime That Everyone Worth Watching
This is what “Dragonball” should have been, but wasn’t. Also, some sequences stand out: The first is Sesshomaru, the bad guy, was exhausted in the woods. Rin, a little orphan girl, saw him and wanted to help him. She went to her village to get him some food but the cruel villager’s beat her up. She still managed to get Sesshmoaru some food but he declined. Yet he asked her where she got those bruises and she was happy he noticed her effort. Later on Rin was killed in the forest and Sesshomaru accidentally found her dead body. After a little thinking he took his magic sword and, despite being evil, brought her back to life. From there on, they had a mutual bond.


Inuyasha - A Great Anime That Everyone Worth Watching
Then in the episode with those demon bats who terrorized a village a young mother gave birth to a half-demon bat girl, Shiori. Shiori was molested by “normal”, human kids, who kicked her. Before she entered her house she wiped away her tears and pretended to be happy so that her mother wouldn’t notice she couldn’t fit in.

Inuyasha - A Great Anime That Everyone Worth Watching
When Kagome finds out Inuyasha is alive she runs towards him, passing by Kouga, all the while her tears are falling on his sad face. These situations stand out because they look as if taken from real life. I know I will never forget at least those three precious moments mentioned above. After these very emotional and powerful scenes one might ask yourself if the “Inuyasha” authors are not making this for commercial sake but for real, for a deeper statement and inter sociological and racial messages.

Inuyasha - A Great Anime That Everyone Worth Watching

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