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Howl’s Moving Castle Sophie Hatter Cosplay Costume by Nymphahri

Hi guys!

Today I want to review an amazing costume I got sponsored by Rolecosplay, an amazing shop for cosplays, you should totally check them and make sure to use my coupon code “nymphahri” to get a GREAT discount on your orders!

The costume I received is Sophie Hatter’s dress from Howl’s Moving Castel, an amazing movie from Studio Ghibli. I always loved this masterpiece, and Sophie has always been in my next projects waiting for this to come true, and thanks to this collaboration it finally did!
A special thanks goes to my friend Rocco who made an amazing Howl, and the photographer Fabio De Leonardis that took all the amazing pics. You can find their credits on my Facebook page and Instagram page.
howl's moving castlehowl's moving castle

howl's moving castle

howl's moving castle

The dress is really accurate and comfortable to wear, the fabric is quite thick so it’s perfect for conventions taken in autumn or shootings just like the one I made here. (November)
The quality of this costume is really high for the affordable price. The color is just perfect, as it should be. The size was okay too, I took an S and I usually wear an XS or S for my dresses.
I totally recommend to buy this costume for your HMC cosplays! And let me see your photos if you’re going to buy it too. =^^=

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