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How to Cosplay Erza

Nowadays, from children to young people, like cosplay. Cosplay is just imitating a character from animes, movies or games with costumes, wigs, props and similar actions. Here I’d like to show you how to cosplay Erza from Fairy Tail.


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The first step is that you should decide which dressed Erza you want to cosplay. We all know that Erza have lots of dress such as informal dress, fighting suits and the samurai dress. You can choose your favorite one, but you should take some questions into your consideration. Do you have enough time to cosplay this dressed Erza? Do you have enough money to prepare those Erza costume,Erza wig and props? If your answer is “Yes”, you can start the next step.

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The second step is that you should be familiar with every detail of the dressed Erza you want to cosplay. This step is very important since you must miss some details before even though you love this character very much. For choosing a great costume, you’d better get a paper and a pen, then draw down or write down the details that you have noticed. For avoiding you forgeting something, you can make a list about costume, wig, props, making up and so on.

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The last step is that you should be careful and generous for your costume and wig. You will be regretful if you choose a unqualified Erza wig for saving money.Don’t forget to draw a fairy tail tattoo on your left arm.


I wish that my tips will give you some help when you are cosplaying Erza.

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