How to cosplay as a guy?

If you are female coser, but want to cos male anime character, it’s maybe a challenge.
However, if you have nice prop and excellent make up technique, it’s possible!

To cos a male, first we have to have a wig of male anime character! Wearing wig properly is one key point to cos as a guy.

Then, make up is the most important one! Especially, force the eye make up and skin make up, it’s helped.

Later, hold prop with a good pose is also important. Remember pose like a male!! You can find some picture reference, choose the pose look like male, it’ s useful. Last point, understand the emotion of character you cos very well. Playing cosplay only the prop and cloth is same as character is not enough, more important to think about the personality of this character. When you think about this, believe me, the cos level will up a stage: D
It is amazing~