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How To Be An Otaku

In truth, the word Otaku refers to the borderline “obsessed” and, in Japan anyway, is not the greatest of compliments. Here on the western hemisphere however, it has come to represent the most dedicated of anime fans, obsessed or not. Do you have what it takes to be a true otaku? Find out here.
Watch every anime series you can. This sounds pretty easy but we all have an inkling to stick with what we know, hesitant to branch out into new and unchartered territory. But an otaku knows their stuff — from dragon balls to poke’ balls and all the things in between. Besides, how will you ever know if you like something unless you give it a try?

Join the anime forums and post often. Being the anime expert that you are, it is crucial that you share your knowledge often. There are many looking for answers and it is up to you to provide them. Some good ones to try? Of course, my own anime forum here.
Make your own cosplay costumes. Pick your favs and then sew, sew, sew. Not sure what cosplay is? Well, you’d best find out because otakus know cosplay inside and out. Check out our cosplay section for a few hints.

Show it off. Now that you have your own costume, get ready to show it off. How, you may ask? Conventions of course. One thing about anime, there are conventions galore. Try the conventions section at this site to get you started.
Host your own anime website. This is probably one of the easiest (and most fun) ways to honor anime. There are plenty of free web hosts out there as well as tools such as wallpapers and fonts to help it stand out. Think picture galleries, character bios, newsletters and more.
Start an anime newsletter.With the website up and running, you’ll want to keep your readers informed of updates and additions. Why not start your own anime newsletter? Its a great way to promote your website and your love of anime.

Create your own fanfic. Can you draw? Can you write? Here’s where your creative talents are really put to the test. Envision an ode to your favorite anime — where would you take the story if it were up to you?
Start an anime club in your school or neighborhood. You’re not the only anime fan out there. Organize a group of like-minded individuals and throw anime watching parties on a regular basis.
Spread the anime cheer. Now that you’re in full anime swing, why not volunteer some of your efforts? Ask those convention folk what you can do to help — most are always on the lookout for extra help. Or try interning at an anime-influenced company — talk about self-rewarding!

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