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Honkai Star Rail—Introduction of The New Story

Hi everyone, Honkai Star Rail has been opened on Apr. 26th. Have you begun this journey of the stars? Which is your favorite and who is your first 5 stars character? Let’s take a look back at the people we met on this month’s trip in Honkai Star Rail.

1. Stellaron Hunters

In Herta Space Station, Silver Wolf hacked into the system of Herta and Kafka put the Stellaron into us. They left after we woke, as a newborn with no memory, we started our trip of stars.

2. Astral Express and Herta Space Station

After we chose to get on Astral Express, the conductor Himeko and the members March 7TH, Dan Heng, and Welt become our partners. We formed a team and started traveling on Herta Space Station and Jarilo-VI.

3. Jarilo-VI

Belobog is the only spot in the ice-cold world of Jarilo-VI. In order to find the Stellaron and help the upper and lower regions of the people, We worked with the commander of the Silvermane Guards Bronya, doctor Natasha and others. But the Supreme Guardian Cocolia have been controlled by the evil power of the Stellaron, We must try our best to defeat them before we can save the Jarilo-VI.

4. The Xianzhou Luofu

As Astral Express prepared for the next planet, Kafka arrived on the train through a projection. She wanted the train to change direction because her companion Blade had been arrested in the Xianzhou Luofu. Knowing that there is also a Stellaron, we set out with Walt and March 7th to avoid the destruction of the Xianzhou.

Jing Yuan, the general of Cloud Knights on the Luofu for centuries.

Ting Yun, the ambassadors of the Sky-Faring Commission of the Xianzhou Luofu.

Yan Qing, a lieutenant in the Cloud Knights, and General Jing Yuan’s retainer.



The journey of Honkai Star Rail continues…May the stars be with you.


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