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Wig Review – My Hero Academia Amajiki Tamaki

My Hero Academia Amajiki Tamaki Wig Review by tempestcosplay

I’m so grateful to my friends over at RoleCosplay who sent me a Tamaki Amajiki wig for me to style and review, I’m so excited to share my thoughts with you⭐️✨

My Hero Academia Amajiki Tamaki Wig Review

Current Price: 4/5 | $23.99 (for a discount, you can use my code “tempest” on any item at their store to save money and support me too). In my opinion, this is a fair price for a quality, heat resistant wig that holds the styling excellently
Quality: 4/5 | The wig is heat resistant, comes pre-cut to nearly the PERFECT length (i trimmed the bangs and didn’t cut the back at all), and comes layered. The I was able to tease the wig without a problem and it was very easy to straighten as well. I backcombed my wig, and there are no visible tracks. The wig is thick and easy to work with.
Accuracy: 5/5 | the colour is wonderful and true to the character. The layering it comes with is also extremely accurate and saves time & worry of cutting
Comfort: 5/5 the wig fits perfectly and has a comfortable cap size. I have a lot of hair that I braid and pin to fit under my wigs, and I was able to wear the wig for a long period of time and experienced no headaches or discomfort (which I’ve experienced with small-capped wigs)

Final Thoughts: Do I recommend it, like, seriously and honestly recommend it? HECK YEAH I DO. I use and trust RoleCosplay and have purchased things from them in the past and present (I have three wigs I’ve purchased from them that are on the way☺️). I take my wig styling seriously, and their wigs make it far more stress free and enjoyable for me.

Thank you for taking the time to read this guys, I’m always excited to share things with you!♥️


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