Handsome Captain Levi is Definitely the First Choice to Cosplay from Attack on Titan

Have you watch Attack on Titan already? It is really welcomed recently! Especially Captain Levi! Many people are looking for the way to cosplay like him, you came to the right place. This article will help you cosplay Captain Levi.

Attack On Titan Group Cosplay

He is very rarely showing any emotion. Under everyday circumstances, Levi is never seen showing any emotion, so keep a straight face if possible. Study hard, get good grades, and excel in many fields with ease. Levi has a sharp understanding of situations and can understand things and analyze situations in a quick manner.


Levi is really fit and healthy. This may be hard, but you have to cut out the candy bars and pick the salads up. Exercise often and maintain a healthy diet.Levi has a really developed body so lift weights, do push-ups and anything necessary to get muscular. Don’t overdo it and get really buff – slender but well-muscled is what you’re looking for.

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Try to add muscles without gaining a lot of weight.Levi is never seen in or around any dirt so keep a clean area. You don’t have to clean 24/7 but do it often.Have a nice, clean, well kept countenance; brushed teeth, cut hair and nails, ironed clothes, etc.
Always dress to impress and look good.Levi is skilled in combat and fighting techniques. You might want to start by learning kickboxing or Muay Thai and learn to defend yourself well.Always plan everything out and be two steps ahead of any situation.Levi rarely talks but when he does he states what he needs to say briefly, without rambling on.

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Set high standards for yourself and strive to achieve them.Levi always is seen taking charge and leading so learn to become a good leader and make the right choices.Levi doesn’t do stupid things or anything for no reason. This is not to say you can’t have fun, but know the difference between having fun and acting ridiculous.