Great recommedations for Couple Cosplay

I.Dashing Debonair Tuxedo Mask and Sailor Moon Love Team
Tuxedo Mask is the major romantic interest of Usagi Tsukino. Unaware of his dual-identity as Tuxedo Mask, transforms unknowingly into his new identity. Become an ideal man while being strong, silent, unshakeable, and mysterious and a man having greater roles. Wear your Black Tuxedo and become sexy and suave like Tuxedo Mask. Together with Tuxedo Mask you can cosplay Sailor Moon as a soldier for love and justice.Your cosplay costume will serve as your official costume. Her uniform, originally colored blue and red, with a crescent moon motif. Wear your red hairpieces and white barrettes resembling feathers which you can use to defend yourself like a true warrior for any minor attack.

II.You will never go back once you become like the Men in Black
Who said that it should be a male and a female when you want to be the best couple in cosplaying? Of course! You can exemplify your role as the best couple who would save the world from its extinction from alien catastrophe and shenanigans. Cosplay Agent J and Agent K. Wear your black shades and our best suit and tie. Hey! Don’t forget to bring your favorite weapon as your accessories!

III.Nothing can go wrong with a Classic Disney Princess and the handsome Prince
I know we all grew up in a generation who fulfilled our simple fantasies of a “happy ever after” idea. Now just choose your favorite Disney Princess and her true love – Prince. With your partnership in cosplaying, you will make everyone reminisce and continue to show concern and carry on with your capacity to show care and compassion to other people. Grow stronger and more powerful as you gain more pride with the combined abilities. Gain confidence and people will see you as a more mature character as you continue to inspire other people that true love is indeed true, after all.

IV.The Timeless Story of Harry Potter and Hermione
There has been a big success in the cosplay of Harry Potter and all of the characters in the show. As we all know, Harry Potter started with novels which involve the fantasy of adventures of the wizard world. Cosplayer love to cosplay Harry Potter because most of the time, they idolize this character. Harry Potter is known to have a scar on his forehead which made him popular. This scar was very symbolic for him and for the development of the story and how the story progresses. He is usually seen wearing a black robe and his glasses and personal wand. He has luscious hair which most of the time, the cosplayers can copy easily. Another popular character of the Harry Potter series is Hermione Granger. She is considered to be one of the closest friends of Harry Potter. She is very intelligent and is very smart, and is good in recall and hates to fail. What is amazing is that you can easily cosplay Hermione because she has a very pleasant attitude and very pretty face with fewer accessories to wear.

V.Go Classic with Super Mario and Princess
Definitely, you will recall your timeless encounters with different levels with your favorite Super Mario Game. Not only that! Now is your time to shine to be able to cosplay your favorite classic video game. Wear your red trousers, and your signature mustache with your Kigurumi cap of Super Mario’s cap! The Princess of Super Mario is super easy to cosplay, since all you have to do is to wear your basic and classic white gown, tie your hair into a bun and wear a small crown!