Great Cosplay Photos that Make Your Day Exciting

As Disney is so well-known, the characters can be easily recognizable even without the full costume. If you have even just the hairstyle for a popular princess character, there is a good chance that you will be recognized, even not when decked out gown and garters. As such, if you keep just the hair and a design element from the source material, you can be free to transform your cosplay as you wish while still keeping it recognizable.

princess cosp
This is a great chance to make a cosplay for an alternate universe version of a recognizable character. The “Hipster Ariel” meme was popular for quite a while, but you could do your own modern version of one of the princesses! If you find yourself with the desire to cosplay a princess, but find yourself short on cash, this idea may work for you as you would be able to use everyday clothes instead of shelling out hundreds of dollars on feet upon feet of dainty dress material.

To continue, if you are in love with another series, but still want to cosplay a Disney princess, you could do a crossover and cosplay an AU with your princess! One possible idea would be to do a sailor princess a la Sailor Moon, but there are a million more ideas! Use this as a chance to express your innovation and creativity without letting boundaries between franchises tie you down!

Take Comic Con, but get rid of all the hype, the big budget comic book movie promotions, and the A-list celebrities. In its place, put a boatload of dressed-up super-fans — and you’ve got Dragon Con.

Each year, downtown Atlanta is swarmed by more than 50,000 monsters, princesses, fairies, super heroes, and knights. Dragon Con is an annual convention dedicated to the most serious of the nerdy fan arts — cosplay, or dressing up.

We went down to Georgia to check out the scene and talk to some of the most decked-out fans. They told us about their costumes, how they connect to their characters, and why they love the Dragon Con community.


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