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Go to Cosplay!

Cosplaying can be both easy and hard, but well worth the effort when hanging out in your awesome outfit on the street or at a convention. Most people think cosplaying is just for acting like an anime or manga character at anime conventions, but the truth is, you can pick the perfect anime cosplay!

If it’s your first time cosplaying you may want to choose a character with a simpler outfit. However, if you do not mind strange stares and/or possible harassment, then feel free to go all out. For the latter, any costume will work, although unique costumes are more likely to stand out.

Choose a character/person you actually like. You really don’t want to regret your choice in the middle of the costume making. However, you shouldn’t worry if you want to cosplay a character that you don’t look exactly like, cosplay doesn’t have to be perfect.

Keep in mind that props usually have to be carried around a long time, so even the lightest of props can be a major burden during the day.
When cosplaying a character with an unusual hair style, make sure the wig is secure, so that it doesn’t come apart in the middle of a convention. If a character wears common clothing, such as a suit with an untied red tie, don’t try to make a suit and tie (unless you want to), remember that the less you have to make, the better.

If you can’t find the fabric, use a substitute! Have fun with it. Just remember, if the costume is made of a cotton-type material, then don’t substitute with satin or silk. This makes the costume look awkward to say the least.


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