Genshin Impact Kamisato Ayato – Delve into destiny

Genshin Impact Kamisato Ayato 

Kamisato Ayato is the upcoming new character in Genshin Impact and he is the older brother of Kamisato Ayaka.Genshin Impact Kamisato Ayat - Delve into destiny

As current members of the society, Kamisato Ayato is committed to maintaining regional prosperity and stability.

On the surface, he is low-key, elegant and decent, does not like to appear in front of the public, and rarely shows mountains and dew.

But those who knew him would never dare to take him lightly—it was the young man who stabilized the situation when his predecessor had fallen ill and was shaking his family in God.

Without his extraordinary skill and deep city government, he would not have been able to attain the status he has now. Behind the watertight smile, there may be a dark cloud hidden.

Genshin Impact Kamisato Ayat - Delve into destiny2

However, the wonderful thing is that in most of the multi-party games in which he participates, he does not wantonly plunder, nor does he compete for victory, and is even willing to give up interests so that everyone can get a piece of the cake of relative satisfaction.

“What the hell is he counting?” When the matter is decided, some people will think so occasionally.

But now that you’ve got the cake, God’s mind is less important

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 Game Genshin Impact Ayaka – Sister of Kamisato Ayato

She is the oldest daughter of the Kamisato Clan and sister of Kamisato Ayato. Being beautiful, elegant, and graceful, the common folk have nothing to bad-mouth Ayaka about. tains and water, and his reputation in Ina is not as high as that of his sister Ayaka. And the first of the gods in the eyes of the Aya people, I thought it was the house of the gods, but now it seems that this is not the case.

Genshin Impact Kamisato Ayato - Delve into destiny  Genshin Impact Kamisato Ayato - Delve into destinyGenshin Impact Kamisato Ayato - Delve into destiny (2)

The first person in his mind was always his family, such as his parents, such as Ayaka and Thoma.

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 Game Genshin Impact Thoma – Kamisato Ayato Valued family and friends

The Inazuma people did not want their parents to fail in the Kamisato family, and did not want Ayaka and Tohma to be bullied, and whether these ideas were realized or not was closely related to the Kamisato family and his identity. The means and castle government of the Gods were not innate, but were forced out of too many dark days when they were fighting for the right to succeed.

Genshin Impact Kamisato Ayato - Delve into destinyGenshin Impact Kamisato Ayato - Delve into destiny (3) Genshin Impact Kamisato Ayato - Delve into destiny (5) 

Ayato took everything into account, but he didn’t take into account himself.

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Finally, I wish all of you who want Ayato people to be full of energy, and hopefully, everyone can draw Ayato.