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Five Movies’ Characters are Popular among Cosplayers

Cosplayers are an interesting breed. They literally wear their hearts on their sleeves when it comes to the stuff they’re into. It’s way more than just slapping on your casual dress and proclaiming yourself a fan. These people take it to the limit, sewing, planning, gluing–sometimes even welding to get the look they’re after.

Five Movies' Characters are Popular among Cosplayers
Because cosplayers are so completely serious about their fandom, it seems that you can read what they’re wearing as a sort of indicator for what’s hot and what’s not in the geek community. Today we are going to show five famous movies that are very popular among the cosplayers around the world!

Five Movies' Characters are Popular among Cosplayers
1. Kill Bill
An insane number of Crazy 88’s were roaming the floor, possibly because it’s not hard to find a black suit and a mask, but there were Go-Gos a-plenty and even a few Brides walking around.

Five Movies' Characters are Popular among Cosplayers
2. Pirates of the Caribbean
Jack Sparrow is a very imitated man. Young, old, male, female–lots of people were spending the day(s) in his boots. Some Jacks had packs of pirates and even pirate-era lassies with ’em. But Jack was the man, no question.

Five Movies' Characters are Popular among Cosplayers
3. Star Wars
Out in force, for sure. Jedis ruled the day, tho there were plenty of Stormtroopers, a handful of Sith, a couple Tusken Raiders, more than a few Rebel Starfighter Pilots and at least one Twi’lek. The only Leias were workin’ the floor in their gold Jabba-issue bikinis, and therefore do not count. One dude was rockin’ a clown/bounty hunter getup that we had to assume was the one and only Bozo Fett.

Five Movies' Characters are Popular among Cosplayers
4. The Lord of the Rings
Hobbits, hobbits, hobbits. Hobbits with foot wigs. Baby Hobbits. Lady Hobbits. Hobbit families. A handful of Elf maidens were wandering the floor, as were a few Legolases and a couple of Aragorns as well.

5. Final Fantasy
FFX (and X-2) led the way for the FF series–plenty of Rikkus and Yunas were there. We saw one Paine, too. There were assorted Black Mages and a few Clouds and Aerises, as well.

Five Movies' Characters are Popular among Cosplayers
There may be a lot of factors that go in to someone’s cosplaying decisions, but it’s probably fair to assume that a property’s relative “hotness” has something to do with it when you see large trends appear. Sure, there will always be the kid that dresses as some anime character you never, ever heard of. But a generous percentage of the cosplayers we saw at the San Diego Comic-Con fell under the five categories listed, which leads us to believe in our reactionary way that these five properties are very popular among the geek elite and probably the general public as well.

Five Movies' Characters are Popular among Cosplayers
Obviously, Star Wars and The Lord of the Rings are incredibly popular, so, duh, we didn’t really learn anything there. Final Fantasy is a staple, so no surprises there, either. But what did take us aback were all the Kill Bill and Pirates of the Caribbean masqueraders roaming the Comic-Con. It’s unlikely any of us would have predicted that one from the onset, especially the Pirates of the Caribbean deal.

Five Movies' Characters are Popular among Cosplayers
True, these costumes are among the easiest to put together–though Jedi costumes are also pretty darn easy to create. But there has to be more than laziness afoot. The evidence shows that these movies were relatively popular at the box office and on DVD. Okay, so there’s a fan base. And let’s not leave out the badass factor–pirates and assassins are alluring characters to inhabit, no question. But is that all? Did these characters simply capture the collective imagination of a generation of cosplayers? Are these people actually not cosplayers, but merely people who spotted an opportunity to play dress-up for a weekend? While it’s hard to say for sure, it doesn’t appear that these were fair-weather cosplayers, as they did wear their costumes throughout the con, and not just on the day when the prizes were handed out.

Five Movies' Characters are Popular among Cosplayers

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