First Comic-con Experience

The experience to take part in a formal comic con can surely make cosplayer excited, while the only thing I was a little bit disappointed with was the variety of merchandise on sale: the exact same stuff you can buy in the online stores the rest of the year, but with sometimes higher prices. This means the usual logo on black T-shirts, general fancy dress wigs and masks, common metal on a black string jewellery. And even then most of it was Superman, Batman, Iron Man, The Flash and Game of Thrones. Almost nothing of heroines: very little Black Widow, Wonder Woman and no anyone else. Not even Doctor Who stuff. And mostly officially licensed stuff, very few original things.

blizzcon cosplay
This isn’t necessarily the organisers’ fault – they don’t have any control on what merchandise the vendors show up with, but it would be nice if next year we’d have more variety. They had a lot of actual comics on sale, though, which was pretty awesome. Those really are a bit hard to come by around here. Artists Alley was pretty good too: some Romanian artists and some European artists as well, including Puiu Manu – Romania’s oldest comic artist who did comics way back when communism was still a thing. No one immediately recognizable to me, though.

Overall everything was very well organised and all the cosplayers also praised the organizers at the end of their panels on Sunday and whole lot of fun. It was nice to be able to identify all the geeks in this city by their armbands for three days straight. and Seriously though – if you’re from Europe and you like quest lists it’s absolutely worth attending. And you can’t beat the price – I paid 12 euros for general access for three days all panels general areas with early bird booking, but even so the last price for the full 3 days was.




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