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Live a Movie Life With Nine Wigs

Life With Nine Wigs

Have you seen the movie of “The Girl with Nine Wigs”, it’s a movie which make us think a lot.

In the movie, the actress Sophie is a lady who have cancer, Wearing a wig in class is a painful reminder of who she can no longer be. Nine wigs and nine names make her different nine persons and has nine times as many friends and admirers. Nine sub-characters, and behind each of them a little piece of Sophie. She has nine wigs including different wigs style like yellow straight fashion wig, Sweety girl long hair wigs, blonde long hair wigs and so on. The cheapest wig she bought is $37 which is a synthetic lace front wigs but synthetic wig is easy to hurt her eyes. The first wig she wore is a black color wig which suits her finest. Sophie live nine different life by wearing nine wigs, which make live her dream facing the disease of cancer.

nine wigs

After Finishing seeing the movie, we checked the Internet and found that there are really a lot of wig styles in wigs shop online. All kinds of people age can bring. Nowadays the trend of wearing a wig has not only the elderly or people who have the disease but more young people tend to wearing wigs. many girls around me decided to have a try like Sophie. They searched different wigs style for women in wigs store, someone even bought a cosplay wig, is that funny? I remember that girls in my dormitory bought all kind of colorful wigs to wear. And sometimes we wear different wigs to play cosplay, during which we experience special feelings and excitement of being a different person.

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In fact, every one of us should go to show a different self. Let the wigs to help us change our attitude to life and living. Here we have also nine wigs, which one do you like best?

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