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Cosplay the Cool Character of Starry Sky

The long awaited Starry Sky makes everyone exciting! Well, many people will say that the storyline of it may be boring, but wait, who watches Starry Sky for it’s storyline? Everyone’s here for the boys!

And partly because it was adapted from an otome game, I guess they couldn’t have ever proceeded on with a proper storyline with the girl with just one particular boy out of all 12 13 of them, could they? 12/13 of the fan girls (assuming each guy gets an equal amount of fan girls) would be hopping mad with anger right now. Especially with the large amount of endings you would be able to get. I’ll still do a review on this anyway, how can I possibly resist?

The main girl, Tsukiko Yahisa, is the protagonist of Starry Sky. And yes, she is one fortunate girl, being the first female student to ever enroll at Seigatsu Academy, which was once an all boys’ school.

starry sky cospla
The anime is split in different parts based on the guys and their horoscopes. So it doesn’t really have much of a coherent flow of storyline, but I guess this was for the fans. If you liked Aries, you’d most probably just skip to Kazuki’s episodes. If you are planning to watch the entire anime series, you’d most probably get bored at the episodes where they featured a guy that you have entirely no interest in. That was what put me off the most. Having no storyline was one thing, but the heavy focus on just one character is quite hard to tolerate. And there’s 12 guys in total, mind you.

But let’s not be too evil to Starry Sky. It gave us so many fantastic looking guys. The anime was alright on the whole because of the guys and the well-done artwork, but that’s pretty much everything that’s holding me back from stopping to watch the anime. Each parts based on the character was also alright, but I believe that it could’ve been better in the sense that they could’ve went deeper into each relationship instead of just touching the surface of every story and leaving you there hanging. If you’re going to focus on each character, at least develop some relationship. Instead the whole anime became an anime with many different storylines somehow mashed together linked together by a single girl, Tsukiko.

Perhaps they could’ve done the anime by splitting it into Spring-Summer-Autumn-Winter parts like the game, then maybe the storyline would’ve made a little more sense. That’s if it’s a must to split the anime into different parts. I would’ve preferred a proper storyline, but that wouldn’t be really feasible as Tsukiko would have to choose one guy out of all of them.

Tomoe Yoh was surprisingly a lot less annoying in this game than in the first one. I guess some time apart from Tsukiko to focus on his studies calmed down his teenage hormones. First Yoh comes back to their school for that school festival with all the lights. They smooch under all the lights and then he goes back to America. Once you start his route it’s basically half the time this one CG of her talking on the phone with him over and over. It’s this angsty long distance relationship and in between Yoh visits every now and then. He visits at the most convenient times too! Also that monitor-smooth CG returned which was big disappointment but I suppose it wouldn’t be starry sky without them? So then Yoh gets really busy with his research so he’s unable to call or respond to Tsukiko’s messages. When he comes to visit her in Japan she emos like a little bitch, tells him she wants to break up and then runs away and locks herself in a class room. So Yoh like runs after her and starts banging on the door like “you stupid bitch I’m leaving to America now”.



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