Cosplay the Brave One from “Attack on Titan”

AMAZING Attack On Titan Cosplay! Click through to see more pictures. I think my favourite is the one of Sasha with a breadroll stuffed in her mouth! :p

Attack on Titan described the background of the story, human beings had once been preyed on brutally by giants and stayed on the verge of extinction. People survived decided to build three huge protective walls to prevent the invasion of the giants, isolated environment prevented them from the attack of giants for a hundred years. But as the price of “peace”, human beings lost the freedom to the outside wall, as captive beast in general to live peacefully.


Hero Alan Yeager was actually very interested in the world out of the wall and yearning to the freedom life which was lost because of the wall. He was brave and unlike most of the human beings here to fear and blindly believed the walls could protect their safety, he want to make adventure of the world out of the wall. Also because of this kind of idea, he was thought as a heretic.

Attack on titans cosplay.. Awesome!!
Human beings lived comfortably in this inner world for a hundred years, which was, Alan Jaeger came into his ten-year-old, one day, an unprecedented “super giant” appeared in front of humans, he destroyed the wall by the overwhelming force, then instantly disappeared, the giant crowds rushed into the wall and humans tragedy became their baits.

Attack on Titan #cosplay
Alan Yeager experienced the tragedy that people, partners and mother killed by the giants, with the hatred passion for the giants, he vowed to wipe out the giants, his mother died and his father disappeared, while father grasped the mystery of the giant and the same reason Alan Yeager obtained “the force of giant” and had the powerful spiritual force other trainees can not match in the army at the same period. Although Alan had traumatic experience, he was bravely enough to challenge the Giants and then added to the survey Corps! At this moment Alan’s life came into the beginning of a tremendous change ……

Attack on Titan Cosplay