Cosplay Photos You will Definitely Love

Cosplay is usually not an endeavor for the faint of heart, or the light of wallet. But one man has managed to become a star on the internet thanks to his ability to create unique costumes without the expense – and because the results are so bad, they’re brilliant.

Catwoman and her 2 cute!!
The opening day of Fanboy showcased actors, artists, writers, models, and one of the key elements of the convention — cosplay. Perhaps getting the most attention at Fanboy are the people dressed as their favorite characters, a practice dubbed as cosplay.

Margo Raymond, from Jefferson City“Most of the people that cosplay at the show are all about showing off their hard work,” she said. “Some people buy costumes and put them together, while others sew everything personally. It all comes down to people putting in a lot of effort to become the character he/she loves.”
Frank Lajoie of Maryville dressed as Deadshot from DC Comics on the first day of Fanboy. “I worked on this particular costume for around three weeks,” Lajoie said. “I have other costumes that I use for cosplay but I’d like a different today.”

While there were many people in cosplay yesterday, the majority will show up for the costume contest today. “We have six categories, with over a thousand dollars in prizes,” Raymond said. “Contestants must preregister by 10:45 a.m., and then we will go to pre-judging. The costume contest presentation will be held at 1:30 p.m.”
Sarah Claxton is the 2015 poster girl of the convention by winning the first Fangirl Fatale contest earlier this year.
Claxton, a local model with over 20,000 followers on Facebook, is more than happy to be a symbol for the fanboy genre. “It all feels pretty awesome,” Claxton said. “Becoming a part of Fanboy has given me so much exposure in the cosplay world.”

Cosplay Photos You will Definitely Love
The Fangirl Fatale said she likes mixing sexuality with cosplay. “I can be myself (in costume/makeup), and still be very sexy. That is so empowering. It is not your typical sex appeal; you get to add the artistic aspect to it.”
Ross Patterson is a featured guest at this weekend’s convention. He is a true jack-of-alltrades. “I have been an actor for 15 years,” he said. “I have been a writer for 12 years, a producer for eight years, and my first book will hit the shelves next Tuesday.” Patterson has worked with several stars such as Seth Green (“Austin Powers” franchise and “The Family Guy”), Barry Bostwick (“The Rocky Horror Picture Show”), and Kevin Sorbo (television series “Hercules”).

Cosplay Photos You will Definitely Love
Bostwick stars in Patterson’s newest film, “Helen Keller Vs. Nightwolves”, which will premier at 6 p.m. tonight at Scruffy City Hall.
“Fans will get a giant movie poster that I will sign,” Patterson said. “The film is a wild throwback to ’70s grindhouse movies; it is funny, scary, and full of action. Hellen Keller is empowered in this movie. Instead of her being shown (as helpless), the joke is turned on everyone else. She is a force to be reckoned with in the film.”

Cosplay Photos You will Definitely Love
Patterson met with fans and promoted his movie, and also pushed his new book titled “At Night She Cries, While He Rides His Steed.”
“For the last few years people have suggested I write a book,” he said. “My book is my reaction to ’50 Shades of Grey’. It is a love story for dudes, and I think it might be the funniest book ever written. The book shows how men really are within the (concept of romance). It is the least politically correct thing ever, and it pushes the limits as far as possible.”

Cosplay Photos You will Definitely Love
The next project for Patterson has the title “Ranger 15.” The film stars current and former military. “We take a realistic approach with what would you really do in a combat situation with zombies,” Patterson said. “It is really neat to have people with the project that know what could and could not be possible in a real-life situation like that. However, the movies is primarily a comedy. The plan is to have the film premiere sometime around Memorial Day.”

Cosplay Photos You will Definitely Love

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