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Comic-Con Makes Cosplayers’ Fantasy a Reality

Preview for up coming Oz Comic-Con Championship making its debut in Perth in April. Kelsey Cox as Catwoman, Serena Greaves as Sailor Moon, Simon Haynes as Super Mario, Tahlee Patient as Lady Deadpool and Rin Bunn as Princess Bubblegum. Picture: Stewart Allen

Comic-Con Makes Cosplayers' Fantasy a Reality
They’re out to create their own costume drama. A new championship for the serious business of comic costume design, know as “cosplay“, will make its debut at Oz Comic-Con this weekend. Lady Deadpool, otherwise known as Cloverdale 18-year-old Tahlee Patient, said it will be the most prestigious event of its kind in Australia.

Comic-Con Makes Cosplayers' Fantasy a Reality
As part of the competition, cosplay amateurs and veterans will battle it out in qualifying heats for a shot at becoming the first Australian Champion of Cosplay. The competition, judged on costume craftsmanship, includes a prejudging session and stage display. Entries must represent a character from the pop-culture realm – like a cartoon hero or video game star.

Comic-Con Makes Cosplayers' Fantasy a RealityComic-Con Makes Cosplayers' Fantasy a Reality
Rinn Bunn, a 19-year-old from Kalamunda, said her favourite character was Princess Bubblegum from Adventure Time. “I can relate to her. She’s a strong female character,”she said.

Comic-Con Makes Cosplayers' Fantasy a Reality
The convention will also feature film and TV special guests, including Game of Thrones star Finn Jones, who plays Lora Tyrell in the popular fantasy series. Actor Billy Boyd, one of the Hobbits from Lord of the Rings, will also be at the event.

Comic-Con Makes Cosplayers' Fantasy a Reality

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