How to choose the cosplay role for new cosplayers? -RoleCospaly

Today, we wanna to share the experience that how to choose the cosplay role.

1. At the first time, we advice that you could choose the simple role who wears the daily costume, such as Izumi Sagiri from Eromanga Sensei, Umaru Doma, Takami Chika, etc.

 – Eromanga SenseiIzumi Sagiri –

eromanga_sensei_izumi_sagiri_white_cosplay_costume_t-shirt– Love Live Takami Chika –


Himouto! Umaru-chan Umaru Doma 


The roles are easy to cosplay. Hope you could enjoy the cosplay interesting.  。◕‿◕。


  1. Choose the cool roles or the roles with mask

It is very suitable for some new cosplayers who are very shy. How do you think about it?

We wanna to recommend Ken Kaneki, 2B, Matthew Kyrielite, etc.

 -Tokyo Ghoul Ken Kaneki-


– Nier: Automata Game 2b –


-Fate Grand Order Matthew Kyrielite –


3. Only need simple and daily background

Some roles need complex background , so you need to go out to choose the better background.

But it is different to choose and if you doesn’t find it, the whole cosplay will be influenced.

Please choose the roles have simple and daily background, such as Izumi Sagiri.


In the end, hope every cosplayer can choose the suitable role to cosplay.  (≧ω≦) Fighting!!


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