Charming Poison Ivy Cosplays

To collecting Poison Ivy cosplayers are interesting. This venomous DC Comics villain has endless costume designs and the sky is the limit when it comes to adding to a cosplay wardrobe. From classic comics to original designs, get ready to get inspired!

Charming Poison Ivy Cosplays
Roxy Lee GG is stunning as Poison Ivy. This cosplay chameleon is a master at body painting and she should be. She’s a makeup artist with a portfolio that’s a must see. If you need makeup inspiration this is your stop.
Photographer: Self portrait

Charming Poison Ivy Cosplays
Lisa Lou Who’s original design is one of my all time favorites. A ballerina! Notice the green pointe shoes, the vine and leaf work, and the gorgeous body paint. So perfect!
Photographer: Erik Blume Photography

Charming Poison Ivy Cosplays
This Arkham Ivy is Vamp Rouge Cosplay and I love her Facebook page. Expect an adorable costume collection, a great timeline, and some truly fun photo edits when you drop by.
Photographer: Damien Valentine

Charming Poison Ivy Cosplays
Look how gorgeous. Naraku Brock perfectly illustrates that sometimes a classic look is best and I’m thrilled to add her Poison Ivy to my archives. She looks amazing!
Photographer: can of color

Charming Poison Ivy Cosplays
Karen Cosplay’s Victorian Poison Ivy is a work of art. That surprising pop of purple is just the start of a design that includes a ton of fabrics and textures. Visit her page for full length photos and prepare to stay!
Photographer: None credited

Charming Poison Ivy Cosplays
I loved this photo of Skunk Cosplay before I really even took it all in. Then I loved it more. Look at those incredible 3D leaves incorporated into her body paint. The way they make symmetrical designs on her torso is fabulous!
Photographer: Trochly Photography

Charming Poison Ivy Cosplays
This is Miss.Deadly.Red and finding this photo of her made my day. Her page is heavily pinup with fun touches of cosplay so visit and find several bombshell designs in her albums.
Makeup and costume by: Deadly Red Makeup Artist
Photography and edit by: Creative Edge Studios

Charming Poison Ivy Cosplays

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