Chainsaw Man female characters introduction

The first Chainsaw Man anime is scheduled to air in October, and fans are very excited about it.

In addition to the attractive plot and imaginative pictures, Chainsaw’s female characters design is also an important reason to attract fans. I’m going to show you some of the female characters’ cosplay of Chainsaw Man.

1.Power (Blood Devil)

With the Blood Devil on her body, but she can control her thinking more rationally. So, she is recruited into Devil Hunters and becomes the partner of Denji. She is a beautiful girl, loves cats, but has a very manic personality and dreams of becoming the most powerful being in the world.

chainsaw man cosplay costume wig (3)


chainsaw man cosplay costume wig (5)


chainsaw man cosplay costume wig (1)


At the end of the first comic, her plot made many fans cry when she asked for a contract with Denji-Denji must found her reborn self.

2.Makima (Control Devil)

Although a very powerful being, capable of dominating any demon she defeats, she has a heart for peace.

She wanted to create a peaceful world in her own way, no matter how cruel the process was.

chainsaw man cosplay costume wig (2)


chainsaw man cosplay costume wig (2)


First impression: beautiful and gentle

Second impression: Unfathomable

Third impression: crazy and cruel woman

After reading the first season of the comic: Please give her more home warmth!


One of the children used by the Russian in their brutal experiments was the Bomb Devil. Cheat Denji fall in love, actually it is to kill the Chainsaw Devil, the final defeat when escape was killed by Makima.

chainsaw man cosplay costume wig (4)


Though her body was resurrected and repurposed by Makima after she was killed, the girl who had gone on a date with Denji and took Denji to her desired school at night had disappeared.

4.Kobeni Higashiyama

She seems to be a timid girl who cares about money and life. Her family is poor, but her parents have many children. In order to subsidize her family,

Kobeni Higashiyama chooses to be a devil hunter. Dare not rebel against the family, and very yearning for a better life.

chainsaw man cosplay costume wig (1)


Hope she can have a happy and dull life after resignation.

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