Black Butler, A Well Written Anime You don’t Want to Miss

Black Butler may be the most well written anime series I’ve seen. Not that it was Oscar-worthy writing, but most of the writing I’ve seen in anime has always been the thing that prevented me from really loving it. Black Butler doesn’t have the lazy, shortcut type of writing that simply fills the plot gaps. It actually builds different stories to support different themes.

Black Butler, A Well Written Anime You don't Want to Miss

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Anyways, Black Butler’s themes of revenge and redemption are woven together well with well-crafted story lines. This isn’t an anime with non-stop action, but it does have its share of dark supernatural battle scenes, as well as witty humorous battle scenes. There is quite a bit dark humor in different parts of the series, but it’s balanced out by traditional anime slapstick comedy.

Black Butler, A Well Written Anime You don't Want to Miss
If you watch the dubbed version of Black Butler, the translation and acting are all excellent. Some hardcore anime fans complain about the fake cockney accents, but they’re mostly limited to some supporting characters. The voices for the two main characters (Ciel and Sebastian) are portrayed terrifically and are true in tone to their Japanese voice counterparts. Simply put, this may be the best job of versioning I’ve ever seen in anime.

Black Butler, A Well Written Anime You don't Want to Miss
In its early U.S. import days, anime had horrible translations in both subbed and dubbed versions, due to what I expect as literal translations of the script from Japanese to English. Funimation has really done well in this department, as they’ve taken the meanings of the original Japanese script and rewritten it in English with English idioms and phrases that work perfectly with the characters and themes, rather than just lazily taking the Japanese words and translating them directly into English words, creating phrases that are unusual or that simply don’t make any sense.

Black Butler, A Well Written Anime You don't Want to Miss
It’s Victorian England, and the masters of the Phantomhive estate have died in a fire. Their surviving son, Ciel, pledges to carry on the family business and their masterful service to Her Majesty by paying the ultimate price – by selling his soul to the devil! Well, not just any devil, but to Sebastian, a masterful servant with supernatural speed, endurance, and skill. Yes, a running joke is that Sebastian is “one hell of a butler.”

Ciel needs the help, too. His country estate is run by a maid whose cracked glasses leave her blind, a quaint American cook who uses flamethrowers instead of an oven, a strangely-accented gardener with super-strength and super klutziness, and a semi-retired majordomo left doddering from advanced age and from injuries suffered in his dark past. It looks like this anime could be a typical situation comedy.

Black Butler, A Well Written Anime You don't Want to Miss
Black Butler is a really good supernatural anime with a mix of drama and comedy. I started watching it out of boredom, but quickly got draw into it. The story revolves around about a boy of about 12 who is of noble heritage, Ciel and his butler Sebastian. As episodes go on you find out that Sebastian is in fact a demon, and Ciel made a contract with him, thus when the contract comes to a conclusion Sebastian will have his soul.

Black Butler, A Well Written Anime You don't Want to Miss

But after watching a few episodes you get a feeling that Sebastian perhaps in some way cares for Ciel, who is his master fro duration of the contract and Sebastian bound to whatever he is told and to protect Ciel fro any harm.Sebastian is talented in many ways, he is strong, fast, smart and so on, for obvious reason he is a demon after all. He’s catch phrase “I am one hell of the butler”. This gives the anime a dark note, and there are many sad moments, but nonetheless there are tones of comedy there, and I find it has great balance between them.


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