Arena of Valor: You Have Never Seen Cosplay Like This

Cosplay has always been an attitude that deserves our praise. This time I like show you something about Arena of Valor.

There is a lot people cosplay the role in Arena of Valor, and you may had seen a lot cosplay shows about Arena of Valor. But today, I will show you something different about Arena of Valor cosplay, more vivid and beautiful.

Concubine and Xiang Yu

Concubine and Xiang Yu’s Farewell to My Concubine, this is also a set of skins that many people are appealing to return to the game, and this time the two cosplayer are also very cool, like the real game character.

Xiao Qiao and Zhou Yu

Then comes Xiao Qiao and Zhou Yu this cp, Xiao Qiao cosplayer has a lot loli sense, Zhou Yu cosplayer is also very handsome, watching is also very seductive.

Diao Chan and Lv Bu

There are also Diao Chan and Lv Bu, but personally feel that this pair of cosplayer is not good than the front, Diao Chan cosplayer feels good than others who cosplay this role. However, these two guys have a similar style, and make the hole cosplay better.

Big Joe

This is our Big Joe, but this Big Joe feels more cute, not quite like my impression of Big Joe in the game.


Mingshiyin is coming, the new hero of the game has been cosplay, also very handsome.

Li Bai and Guan Yu

Li Bai and Guan Yu.

Amazing cosplay.

Absolutely beautiful

Absolutely handsome