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AKB48 announces new sister group, NGT48

Japanese mega idol group, AKB48 has spawned yet another sister group, this time from Niigita prefecture, and they will be called NGT48. The announcement came from last Sunday’s AKB48 Request Hour Set List Best 1035 2015 event via a video.


Auditions for the new idol group will begin in March, and they will even have their very own theater to perform in. The group is scheduled to make their debut on October 1, 2015, along with their new theater. Here is a video of that new announcement.


NGT48 will be the fifth group AKB48 has spawned in Japan and seventh worldwide. The group has expanded overseas in Jakarta, Indonesia with JKT48 and Shanghai with SNH48 and still remains one of Japan’s most iconic and most successful idol groups in history.