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2022 Anime: The two you can’t miss in October

More than half of 2022 has passed, and we have finally waited until October, the season of fights between anime powerhouses. 2022 Anime is destined to have many excellent works, but there are two that you must not miss: Chainsaw manSpy x Family 


Chainsaw man

The background of Chainsaw Man is set in an era of deformity, profit-seeking, and disorder. The protagonist Denji and the devil pet are in the cracks of the town, yearning for a life where they can eat jam bread.


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As a work that coexists with curiosity and blood and warmth and righteous ardour, Chainsaw Man is like most Action animes, how bad the beginning is, how strong the ending is.


Makima @satinstars(cn)

But the difference is that Fujimoto Tatsuki presents different world designs and character growth designs in the same style as he is mentally ill.


Power @tuticos._(cn)

Such as the classic astronaut cemetery scene, the scene where the devil’s hand takes away the child. And Denji finally ate the woman he likes, Makima. We know it sounds crazy, but it doesn’t feel like a bad thing. After all, Denji likes the devil who dominates the world in a cruel way.


Bomb Devil Reze @Juvartsy(cn)

Fujimoto’s own storytelling and design are already quite good, and readers will feel tingling on their scalps when they look at it. One can’t help but look forward to what kind of viewing experience the anime will present. Judging from the currently released PV, dubbing and screen dynamics are quite good.

Spy x Family 

A family full of secrets, from people to pets, all have unknown sides. The warmth of the family and the excitement of the espionage element are perfectly linked by the author’s humorous style.


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This seemingly outrageous family also has many similarities with the real-world family. When the audience watched Ania’s Chuunibyou, they wanted to see their fantasy self when they were young.



Anya, who has the ability to read minds, like most children, wants a warm home and a stable living environment, and like many children who were sensitive and lacked love when they were young. Although it is the killer part,

Rolecosplay Model

Yor, who is very gentle in life, takes care of the child patiently and tenderly like many mothers, but when the child is in danger, she will burst out with her fiercest side to protect the child.


Yor @alexy_sky_(cn)

As a spy, Loid was destined to devote himself to the organization day and night since he was named Dusk, just like every worker in society. But after starting a family, he had a place to live. Although he knew that he could not relax, he involuntarily relaxed his vigilance after feeling the warmth of home.


Before the three people formed this family, they did not get the warmth of home. Spy×Family is a process in which three people without a family form a warm family.

In the second season, the long-awaited dog finally arrived, expecting this family to create more warmth.

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