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15 outstanding Street Fighter cosplayers that shoot a hadouken straight to the heart 【Photos】

2015.02.21 SF cosplay 13

Who doesn’t get all nostalgic remembering the afternoons (that turned into late nights) spent playing Street Fighter II at home until your thumbs hurt? Recently we came across a fantastic group of cosplayers that almost made us forget that 1994 Jean-Claude Van Damme vehicle and remember what made Street Fighter such a great game with so many iconic characters, such as Chun-Li, Guile and Vega.

Click below to see 15 of the best Street Fighter cosplayers out there as well as some very creative gender-swaps from the classic video game!

These cosplayers are among some of the dedicated we’ve seen (and that also care a little more about detail) and their hard work is unmistakable as they breathe life into these Street Fighter legends. Take a look at these 15 cosplayers below and maybe put on someclassic video game music to heighten the experience.

1. First up is a very spooky Dhalsim as photographed by Paolo Marco Manalc

2015.02.21 SF cosplay 4

Image: Deviant Art (big-pao)

2. Next is Japanese schoolgirl Sakura Kasugano played by cosplayer Sarah Fong

2015.02.21 SF cosplay 5

Image: Facebook (Sarah Fong)

3. Miss Gidget shows us Chun-Li’s other costume from Street Fighter IV

2015.02.21 SF cosplay 2

Image: Facebook (Miss Gidget)

4. Sagat gets a little gender-bent and a very threatening makeover from Miss Sinister

2015.02.21 SF cosplay 6

Image: Facebook (Miss Sinister Cosplay)

5. A Spanish cosplayer known as Ivy gets creative and mashes up the terrifying M. Bison with Cammy White

2015.02.21 SF cosplay 1

Image: Facebook (Ivy Cosplay)

6. A pretty flawless Vega/Balrog captures our hearts and reminds us to do some ab crunches

2015.02.21 SF cosplay 9

Image: Deviant Art (adambomb7)

7. While Nadya Sonika plays a gender-swapped Vega that sweeps us off our feet

2015.02.21 SF cosplay 10

Image: Nadya Sonika

8. This cosplayer from the Dominican Republic shows off an impressive Ibuki

2015.02.21 SF cosplay 12

Image: Facebook (Caroline Angulo Cosplay)

9. Miss Gidget teams up with another cosplayer to recreate Chun-Li throwing Ryu a meankikoken projectile

2015.02.21 SF cosplay 13

Image: Facebook (Miss Gidget)

10. And here’s Italian cosplay enthusiast Leon Chiro as Fei Long

2015.02.21 SF cosplay 11

Image: Deviant Art (LeonChiroCosplayArt)

11. We wouldn’t mess with the Ikuy’s very leggy Cammy White

2015.02.21 SF cosplay 15

Image: Facebook (Ikuy Cosplay)

12. We could swear this Brazilian cosplayer is the spitting image of American military man Guile

2015.02.21 SF cosplay 14Image: Deviant Art (Joe-Zuko)

13. Crimson Viper as portrayed by Kitsune Kid

2015.02.21 SF cosplay 3

Image: Facebook (Kitsune Kid)

14. The cosplayer known as Nethicite shows off Poison in all of her 1980s glam

2015.02.21 SF cosplay 8

Image: Facebook (Nethicite Cosplay)

15. Juri Han, Street Fighter’s first Korean character, is brought to life by Artemis Effects

2015.02.21 SF cosplay 7

Image: Facebook (Artemis Effects)

“Impressive” doesn’t even come close.