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Welcome to our new category: customized costume. Thank you all for your suggestions and new ideas for RoleCosplay! In order to turn more cosplayers’ wish cosplays into reality, we decided to launch a brand new job: customized costume.


Our customization work is currently focused on characters from The Legend of Zelda and League of Legends. If you have other wish cosplay, please contact us via email at for inquiries.


Our costume customization is mainly for those cosplays with complex accessories and props. Because mass production will greatly increase the production cost, we hope to make the price affordable through small-scale production. For example, the cosplays of Link and Zelda, these necklaces and waist chains require us to purchase special-shaped materials to make by hand. They often take longer than making ordinary cosplay.

Remember the Princess Zelda cosplay customization we started in May this year? In July we completed the orders for two cosplayers, these are the pictures sent by the factory. The main material of this garment is Korean velvet, and the fabric is hand-sewn with artificial rhinestones. It is very strong and beautiful.


If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.

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