New Cosplay: Crystal Rose Skin of Seraphine

Today I bring you RoleCosplay’s November hot-selling cosplay: Crystal Rose skin of Seraphine from League of Legends! I will bring some details of the cosplay, hope this can help you better about this beautiful costume!


The costume features six handmade lace flowers, four of which are secured with safety pins to gold leather, two above the arm, and two on either side of the skirt. The other two smaller flowers are on the headdress. We use lace material with a polarizing effect, which makes the flowers shine under the light. The skirt tail and the cuffs of the top are also made of the same material, especially the tail will look more dreamy when walking around.


The props on the neck and chest are 3D printed. The prop on the chest is fixed with safety pins. There are two layers of thick fabric under the prop, so you don’t have to worry about the prop hurting yourself.


We added elastic bands to the decoration on the arms, the sleeves and stocks are made of elastic fabric. There are elastic bands at the waist of the skirt, and the top has both a zipper and elastic bands, making it very easy to put on and take off. We have designed five sizes from XS to XXL. You can find the size chart on our site.


We adopt a three-layer bud design for the skirt. The first layer is the lining. The second layer is a silver yarn with zigzag-shaped edges. And the third layer is laser leather, which emits different colors under the light.You can see a detailed video on our Instagram page.


If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.

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