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10 Cosplays That Will Make You Rethink How You Feel About Furries

I’ll be honest, when I was a kid in highschool I was a jerk. I judged people when I thought what they were doing was weird. Though who was I to judge – I watched way too much anime which is pretty weird sometimes.


Now that I’m older, I don’t understand why I felt that way so I’m trying to be less judgmental.

So, about those furries.

I always judged them at conventions. And why? Because they like dressing up like animals? I like dressing up as magical girls and weird stuff.


And to be honest – making a furry cosplay seems pretty hard. Even the simplest furry cosplay needs custom shoes, nose, face mask, and an expensive amount of fur.

ice artz / deviantart

Kouta Wolf / DreamVisionCreation / furaffinity


Making a basic furry cosplay is hard, a ridiculously good one is even harder. Even if you don’t get furries, you can respect their dedication.

Fair warning – I still know very little about the furry-dom so some of these might not be considered fully “furry”, feel free to drop some knowledge in the comments below.


ryoko demon / deviantart


Khajiit – Skyrim | MCM Comic Con 2013


Rady Wolf / furaffinty


Soldatov Vladimir / flickr


Dekin Larado by Korat / stuffedpandastudios / furaffinty



clockwork creature


Xixin at Anthrocon 2013 / Derecho / furaffinty




Moonkin from Warcraft and a Coyote / Costumes – Erika Jensen SDCC / tested



christian martin weiss

Bonus: This has to be Lisa Frank inspired


Say what you will about furries, their cosplay game is on point. And why spread the shade when people are just doing what they love? Being a furry might not be my thing but more power to whoever loves it. Who knows, maybe I’m the one missing out and dressing as a furry is really fun.


What do you think about furries?