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Black Butler Kuroshitsuji Lau Blue Cheongsam Cosplay Costume

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Includes: Cheongsam, pants, belt

Material: Uniform colth

Net Weight: 0.93kg

Shipping Weight: 1.03kg

Shown Color: Blue

Care Instructions: Hand wash in cold water, hang to dry, no bleach

Features: Professional designer, more similar to the original character, it would good and comfortable for wearing.

Character IntroductionLau is, generally, an easy-going and carefree man; he appears to have a near-constant smile plastered on his face. However, he possesses some very strange predispositions. He keeps a variety of women with him, and even refers to his personal assassin, Ran-Mao, as his sister, although they are not related by blood. He apparently treats these girls well, as he often takes them out for treats and special occasions.