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A Certain Magical Index Index Librorum Prohibitorum Uniform COS Clothing Cosplay Costume

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    Includes: Dress, overcoat, cap

    Material: Uniform cloth

    Net Weight: 1.20kg

    Shipping Weight: 1.40kg

    Shown Color: White

    Care Instructions: Hand wash in cold water, hang to dry, no bleach

    Features: The suit of a white one will surely makes you different in the crowd.

    Character Introduction: The Index Librorum Prohibitorum was a list of publications deemed heretical, anti-clerical or lascivious, and therefore banned by the Catholic Church.The Church has earlier examples of forming a formal prohibition of works including the Muratorian Canon around AD 170, which set to establish what was acceptable to have in the New Testament and what was heretical. The 9th century also witnessed the creation of what is considered to be the first index called the Decretem Glasianum but was never officially authorized.[2] Much later, a first version was promulgated by Pope Paul IV in 1559, which Paul F. Grendler believed marked "the turning-point for the freedom of enquiry in the Catholic world", and which lasted less than a year, being then replaced by what was called the Tridentine Index, which relaxed aspects of the Pauline Index that had been criticized and had prevented its acceptance.